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I liked how Jerry presented himself but was at first wondering why the price was so good, I trusted they would do a good job and they did, so i'm happy with my new roof.                                                                     Dave Good

As a Registered Home Inspector I see a lot of poor roof system installations that result in premature shingle wear, roof

leaks and costly repairs. An improper installation also voids the manufacture warranty. When it came time to replace the shingles on my own roof I researched a few local, well known companies but it was Jerry Krastins of Krastins Quality Roofing that caught my attention. The quote that Jerry provided was detailed, accurate and very professional. After speaking with Jerry a few more times I decided his company was the one to hire. On the day of the install Jerry and his team showed up right on time and immediately started to work. I was home that day to inspect the process and I will say that Jerry and his team did an excellent job!! Very professional and beyond building code compliance! I was also very impressed with how clean they left my property. I will now be recommending Krastins Quality Roofing to all of my clients.


Darryl Johns R.H.I.

IR Level 1 Thermographer

Hilain Home Inspections Ltd

My house had three layers on it, so I was worried about the condition of the wood, they replaced alot of wood and I asked him how much more my price would be because of all the wood they replaced and he said "don't worry about it", so I was happy because he was so good to me, I didn't have alot of money, He did a really good job on top of it as well, my house is over a hundred years old and the roof had lost its structure over the years but they still made it look good and the work was very straight and clean!   He can use me as a reference anytime!


                                                                                                            Taylor bailey

We have chosen Krastins Quality Roofing because my husband is a retired flat roofer & liked how Jerry was giving full details to what he was providing, the job was very nice and they were very clean aswell.

Barb Jenkins

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