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Roof Repair & Eavestrough

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Roof repair or roof replacement; is it time to replace that roof & is it past it's estimated life expectancy? Well depending on the weather conditions many factors come into effect such as; shingles being blown off of the roof or driving rain forcing the rain into area's that are open & have entry points like metal flashings & the corners of where two roofs meet at the top & in these cases we know the roof is designed to have water move in one direction; "down" so driving rains help determine & obsolete where the water is coming in & if it only leaks on certain rain falls. So in this case the roof might not need a replacement. However if the shingles have major wear & are starting to curl then that usually a tell all sign that it's time for a total replacement. There are many options upon replacing a roof, if you bought a big home and the roof is the size of a football field then the bill might be pretty hefty so maybe the budget isn't there & then you can ask your local roofer if it can be done in sections? Personally i've provided many affordable solutions when it comes to these cases. Sometimes the customer doesn't wanna seem cheap or be embarrassed but there is no shame in partial replacements especially when it creeps up on you. So repair or replacement depends on the condition & a few provided pictures up close taken by your local roofer will provide the detail in the wear, weather it's major or minor wear, personally i've always just been a tell it how it is type of contractor & sometimes it's not always the case out there. Toronto roof repairs made affordable. We offer Eavestrough as well. Toronto eavestrough, new designer siding , new designer metal roofing, ask us about our new metal designer finishes, we are bringing sexy back with new Modernized Metal Roofing panels. Lots of colors & themes to choose from. Why pay an arm and a leg for an expensive metal roof with no aesthetics when we can do so much more & add the value back into your home. Roof repairs near me


eavestrough toronto , is it time to replace that eavestrough, is it old? hanging in some spots or just not draining properly, well it might be time for a new eavestrough. It's not as bad as you may think, give Krastins Roofing & Eavestrough a call for all your eavestrough needs. We are very knowledgeable in hanging sloping & installing standard 5" eavestrough & we service the following area's;

Oshawa eavestrough