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Eavestrough Scarborough

Updated: Mar 21

Eavestrough made affordable in Durham & the G.T.A.

Brought to you by Krastins Quality Roofing/ Eavestrough & Exterior Custom Decors

We offer Quality Affordable Roofing, Eavestrough & make our own Designer shutters/ Window Decor in Scarborough

with many new modernized styles to choose from. Have a look that is totally different & New while

adding value into your home. We also offer solar lighting for our replacement Shutters so you can

have your window's sparkle during the day & glow at night. Take advantage of our low pricing while

we are relatively new, releasing a product into the World that does not exist yet anywhere else.

If your looking to change the exterior of your house & bring in the new Age with the newest innovative

designs don't hesitate to call & ask for details about our new Cre-8-ive finished products.

Many colors, styles, patterns, rock-facing & glow in the dark options to choose from


Krastins Quality Roofing Eavestrough & Shutters


scarborough eavestrough & roof repairs are available in the G.T.A. including durham & Clarington, we offer affordable solutions to local Residents in all surrounding area's. Our Roofing services offer many options from roof repairs/ reinstallation of new designer shingles & also ask us about our New Age Designer Metal Shingles -Finished panels... Many options & color schemes, we can bring your house a New Age look that no one else has, also ask us about our glow in the dark New Designer Shutters, we are literally bringing "sexy back"

Toronto Roof Repairs fast & affordable, quick and efficient we make it happen.

roof repairs scarborough & g.t.a. area's

affordable Eavestrough roofing & designer shutters

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