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Are you having issues keeping a warm house, the fact is it is more common then people realize. One of the most common issues the average residential household has is heatloss , many things can help prevent heat from leaving your home, but first we have to understand why are some homes warmer then others & why are they saving more on their hydro bill then we are? Well lets pretend that their is no furnace in a home or heat registers to transfer the heat into all the area's of the home, no we find the walls & insulation are not enough to keep the cold from coming in so just like an old shed the cold comes right through & cold also seems to fall where as heat expands & circulates in accordance to the earths rotation, so it's really as simple as that, so where the corners & soffit exist around the lower roof area of the house exist you have open cavities & hence the purpose where the baffles play a special role, first they keep the air properly circulated to help during the warm summer days & to keep moisture out of the attic space & second to keep the cold away from those unprotected area's where the cold can come right through & now with the lack of baffles & insulation are now making your furnace work overtime due to constantly regulating a normal temperature & now your fighting a constant battle of the cold from outside vs. the single heat register for each room so these extra measures are crucial & play a major role & i figured i would break it down in laymans term, because no one has really explained it in a relatable term & people seem to be unaware of how it all works, some insulation companies won't give you all the specifics or will try to up-sell you on a full re installation when all you might need is some extra baffles & extra insulation installed around the edges, & believe me with the air flow & suction in the attic the blown insulation seems to be low around the outter area's which is why i like to use the batts of insulation because it's one solid piece & the airflow around the edge won't allow movement, high winds can effect these area's even though it's mostly protected but there is entry points where the flashings end & also you have vented soffit so over periods of time weather can effect the blown insulation around the edges. So that is my take on why people are experiencing heat loss & for under $2,400.00 you can save not only on a warmer home but way way lower heat costs, my average estimate is usually anywhere from $1,400 - $1,600 is usually my price & i don't cheap out on spacing my baffles & make sure those outer area's have enough insulation, so the extra measures i have always used have always worked on keeping the home warm, feel free to call & ask us about insulation deals we are a local Roofing & Renovation company with very affordable rates & options & specialize in trouble shooting solutions, our focus is in delivering on quality & knowledge & why we are a very innovative company with a vast knowledge when it comes to homes & materials. Feel free to call us for any questions or concerns. Call us today for a consultation on your Insulation.



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